Friday, January 22, 2010

PDX magazine: Pearl district annual sidewalk sale illustration spreads.

Friday, January 15, 2010

(crayon/color pencil on plywood, 7' by 4') Summer radishes mature rapidly, with many varieties germinating in 3–7 days, and reaching maturity in three to four weeks. A common garden crop in the U.S., the fast harvest cycle makes them a popular choice for children's gardens. Harvesting periods can be extended through repeated plantings, spaced a week or two apart.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 T shirt design

Titled, "Beautiful Adaptation", this illustration was the first installment of an ongoing series featuring images which visited him frequently in regularly reoccurring dreams. In these dreams, various animals were able to adapt in order to survive when food supplies became scarce. In a clever method of becoming self-sufficient, the birds of the air were able to grow berries where feathers once grew. T shirt design: Bunny T shirt design: Ram

This t-shirt design titled, "Adaptation of the Ram" is the second installment of an ongoing series by Ten Bills artist, Harry Lau. These designs were inspired by reoccurring dreams that the artist had in which various animals adapt to survive after their environment's resources became limited and scarce. The first design was titled, "Beautiful Adaptation". Featuring a beautiful ornate design, this piece follows the lead by showing how nature provides for its creatures in the most unlikely ways.

Dino illustrations.

Self illustration

Love the Halloween costume. A bit evil, a bit sweet.

T shirts for friends.

Orange friends